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AREL, the Agency of Research and Legislation, comprises Members of Parliament, professors, managers and entrepreneurs. Its activity is aimed to examine the main economic and institutional topics, through research, debates and documents in order to act as the basis for legislative works as well as to analyse decisive matters concerning the development of Italian society and its role in the European and international landscape.


AREL was created in 1976 thanks to an idea of Nino Andreatta who felt the urge, together with a group of important people at universities, in industry and the field of work (like Umberto Agnelli, Urbano Aletti, Adriano Bompiani, Franco A. Grassini, Ferrante Pierantoni), to find a place in which they could examine closely the most relevant Italian and international economic, administrative and institutional matters, with modern and rigorous analytic tools.

The debates born from its activities have often been translated into complex bills that, once brought to Parliament, became ordinary laws.


AREL meetings and seminars, together with its research activity, have covered over time a wide range of topics, as demonstrated by the large number of themes analysed in the volumes published in collaboration with “Il Mulino”. Topics vary from economic ones, such as the relationship between the State and industry in European countries; or the examination of dynamics between salaries and participation; to studies and initiative in the field of justice; the reform of public and local administration; from transparency in finance and on the stock exchange; from institutional reforms; up to European affairs and the environment.


For about ten years now, AREL publications have been renewed, enriched with new editorial series. To the “historical” monographic volumes signed by Arel-il Mulino, new publishing initiatives have been added: the Monographs, the Magazine (renewed in contents and in graphic design), the Observatories, and the Conversations.


In the past few years AREL has strengthened the collaboration with important Italian and international centres of research, aimed at the creation of research activities and seminars. These include the London School of Economics and Political Science – Economic and Social Cohesion Laboratory; the Barcelona CIDOB Foundation, with which it created in 1999 the Italy-Spain dialogue Forum; the ISPI ( Institute for Study of International Politics); the IAI (Institute of International Affairs); Sciences Po Paris; LUISS University; the  CERST (Centre of Research for Territory Development); and Rome’s Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore with which AREL organizes every year a Master to train operatives in the field of migration.


In 2015 AREL created two important initiatives: the “Nino Andreatta” School of Policies (addressed to young people) and the Italy-ASEAN Association (addressed to Italian economic and financial actors).Since 2018 AREL has been a partner of the University Rersearch Centre for Human Health and Social Intercultural Assessments of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, of the Rielo Institute for Integral Development in New York, and of the Universidad Popular Autonoma of the Estado de Puebla in the context of the Global Global Permanent Forum on Migration and Health.