Italy and Singapore. Converging differences (2016)

Slightly more than 50 years from its independence, Singapore represents undoubtedly a success story. This is confirmed by several economic and social indicators, as well as by the GDP’s growth and the quality of life (…)

The City-State moved on a hard path, studded with dramatic passages. Still, the country was able to maintain its independence and to build its prosperity. Singapore was probably the brightest pearl in the Asian necklace, a fruitful struggle for a dramatic redemption. It not only consigned to history its colonial past, but also built a model now respected all over the world.
This publication is twofold: to spread in Italy the knowledge of Singapore’s experience and to envisage some possible scenarios. The Asian country requires an analysis with global parameters, not centered on western criteria. In effect, its role in the globalized arena has been both pioneering and farsighted. At the same time, it is appropriate to imagine for Singapore a future that goes beyond its geographical limitation of  “little red spot” on the Equator. On this track we can see an unprecedented convergence of intents between two countries at first sight so far and different.







Foreword-Prefazione, by/di Enrico Letta              

Introduction-Introduzione, by/di Romeo Orlandi





Singapore and Italy: a review/Singapore e Italia: un’analisi, by/di Josephine Teo


The Italian Foreign Policy with Singapore/La politica estera dell’Italia verso Singapore, by/di Benedetto Della Vedova


“From third world to first”. Singapore and the globalized world/“Dal terzo al primo mondo”. Singapore e la globalizzazione, by/di Romeo Orlandi


My faith on Europe / La mia fiducia nell’Europa, by/di Tommy Koh


Building the ASEAN Community: peace, prosperity and people. The role of Singapore/La costruzione di una comunità ASEAN: pace, prosperità e popoli. Il ruolo di Singapore,by/di Ong Keng Yong


Non-interference, the “ASEAN way” and Singapore/La non interferenza, l’“ASEAN way” e Singapore, by/di Michelangelo Pipan





The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement/L’accordo di libero scambio UE-Singapore, by/di Mauro Petriccione


Singapore: a pan Asian financial centre for European companies/ Singapore: un centro finanziario pan asiatico per le multinazionali europee, by/di Pietro Ginefra


The anticipation of the future. How Singapore attracts foreign investments/L’anticipazione del futuro. Come Singapore attrae gli investimenti stranieri, by/di Roberto Fabbri


The promotion of Made in Italy products in Singapore: a story begun in 1959/La promozione del Made in Italy a Singapore: una storia iniziata nel 1959, by/di Riccardo Maria Monti


The italian companies in Singapore: trade and investments/ Le aziende italiane a Singapore: commercio e investimenti, by/di Romeo Orlandi


Contributions from Italian companies/Testimonianze di aziende italiane










Singapore and Italy: the way forward/Singapore e Italia: la strada da percorrere, by/di Ow Chio Kiat


Contributions from Singaporian companies/Testimonianze di aziende singaporiane

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The transition of the Singapore economic model: opportunities for Italy/La transizione del modello economico singaporiano: opportunità per l’Italia, by/di Paolo Crudele


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